Our Services


Bradbury Miller Associates will develop a specific proposal defining its services upon request by any potential client. We will do so based on the information we are provided, and we are flexible in incorporating any subsequent requirements that may emerge during the search process. However, the following services are basic to our search methodology:

  • UNDERSTANDING THE ORGANIZATION AND ITS NEEDS: Our first step is to thoroughly understand our client's needs. We meet with the Search Committee to hear its view of the community, and what is expected of the Director. If our client believes it is helpful, we will then meet with representative staff members, including administrators and department heads on an individual basis, to hear their recommendations and to learn at first hand something more about the library's distinctive organizational culture and present concerns.

  • PREPARATION OF ANNOUNCEMENT/ADVERTISEMENT: We will assist, if our client wishes, in preparing an informative and motivating announcement of the position and its setting. We can place advertising, if our client wishes, in appropriate library and local media.

  • EXPANDING THE POOL OF CANDIDATES: More important than attracting candidates through traditional advertising, we will carry out a nationwide telephone networking effort to unearth outstanding candidates who do not normally respond to ads or announcements. We have discovered that many such excellent people in the library management profession ARE interested when approached by a respected recruitment firm. Announcements in library media start the process, but the best people usually must be asked.

  • PRE-SCREENING CONVERSATIONS: Bradbury Miller Associates will interview all well-qualified potential candidates. (We have learned that judging solely from resumes is inadequate when searching for top executive qualities.) We consider it important to be able to stand behind, with complete confidence, every individual we refer to you for a semi-finalist interview.

  • CHECKING REFERENCES: We will interview three references per finalist by phone and provide a complete report to the Board.

  • HANDLING THE DETAIL WORK: We will handle almost all of the detail work for you, and there is lots of it, considering the increased number of candidates we are able to recruit. We will acknowledge all applications, respond to inquiries, and evaluate all resumes. We notify those not selected at the appropriate time(s) during the process. We keep in touch periodically with the designated contact person so that you know where we are in the process.

  • ADDITIONAL GUIDANCE: Once the Search Committee selects the semi-finalists, their period of greatest responsibility begins. Some Search Committees prefer to take over completely at this point, but many continue to draw upon our experience, until the final candidate is chosen. During this endgame by the governing group, we can give a variety of customized support, such as suggesting the types of questions that might be used, types of questions to avoid for legal or quasi-legal reasons, and hints regarding approaches, techniques, and unsuspected pitfalls. In short, we interact with you in whatever ways you find helpful. Selecting a Director is one of the most important decisions a board will ever make, and we can offer any assistance you need in reaching this decision.


If your new director leaves the position, either voluntarily or non-voluntarily, within the first year after appointment, Bradbury Miller Associates will, on a one-time basis, reactivate the search if the client requests. In the unlikely event it does occur, we will recruit and screen appropriate candidates and recommend at least three well-qualified final candidates. All expenses for a reactivated search will be charged back to the client, but an additional fee will not be expected. Such a reactivated search must assume that Bradbury Miller Associates will be allowed to pursue its own methodology to achieve the reasonable results.


Once we determine your requirements, we can provide you with a firm proposal for your review and consideration. Every search is unique, and we are flexible in satisfying the needs of our clients. For example, some clients may wish to accelerate the search process, or they may request special assistance. Accordingly, our fees will vary, based on the time and expenses required to produce the results desired by our clients. However, because of our experience in executive recruitment, we will save both your time and money, in aiding your library to find the best candidates for your key positions.