Why Use Us?

Probably you already know the reasons why using a search firm, and especially a library/information services search firm, is advantageous. We bring an element of outside objectivity to add to the mix in your decision making, but you retain control and make the important decisions. We can add numbers of outstanding people to the candidate pool beyond merely advertising; doubling the number of candidates available is not uncommon; sometimes four or five times as many are located and involved. The average quality of candidates we ascertain is always much higher than the average candidates who come through advertising. Also, we make special efforts to insure equal opportunity and/or affirmative action.

Our interviewing skills are based on thousands of interviews over twenty years of our firm's existence, and we have had feedback from the resulting placements. This means that we are aware of implications that escape the occasional interviewer for a top executive position; we are sensitive to the nuances, not only the obvious. Because we are a library specialized executive search firm, the outcome is that you get only the best fit candidates, not the almost fits nor, sometimes, the poor fits.